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19. 19. 20. 20. 20(b). 21. 21. 22(b). Find the voltage V out . 22. 23 we have replaced the diodes by their piecewise linear equivalents and have combined the two parallel resistors. 7 V with the applied voltages, and r D = 1 ⁄ slope = 50 × 10 2−14 –3 A ⁄ V = 20 Ω . 23. 4 Let us follow the procedure below to find out if we can arrive to a valid answer. 3 mA I1 + I2 + I3 ≠ I4 We see that the current I 1 cannot be negative, that is, it cannot flow on the opposite direction of the one shown. Also, the current I 2 is zero.

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