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And maybe the end of your dream of becoming a pilot. Know why you want to fly. Be honest with yourself. Your answers will define what you need in an instructor (and a flight school) Steps 1. Airports usually have a Fixed Base Operator (FBO). Larger general aviation airports may have several to choose from. The FBO usually hosts (or may own) a flight school. Flight schools have Certificated Flight Instructors (CFI's) and training aircraft for rent. 2. If no one has recommended a CFI, the school will assign one to you.

Adjust for wind to make the inbound leg the appropriate time. If the inbound leg is shorter than it should be, lengthen the outbound leg by the difference. If the inbound leg is to long, shorten the outbound leg by the excess time. For example, flying below 14,000ft, if the inbound leg takes one minute, 45 seconds to complete, time the outbound leg for 15 seconds (one minute minus the extra 45 seconds from the inbound leg). 2. Triple your crosswind correction on the outbound leg. If you have a 10° crosswind correction to hold your track on the inbound leg, fly the outbound leg with 30° correction.

A standard pattern turns are to the right, while nonstandard turns are to the left. " Starting at the Holding Fix, draw a 180° turn in the direction specified (left or right), continue the line paralleling the Holding Course, and draw another 180° turn to bring you back to the Holding Course. This is the famous "racetrack" or Holding Pattern. 4. Determine the correct Entry Procedure. Depending on where you enter the holding pattern, you will need to follow an entry procedure. If you are coming from 70° to the left (right for nonstandard patterns) of the holding course, use a Teardrop procedure.

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