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By Augustin T., Wolff J.

Retrospectively amassed length information are frequently stated incorrectly. an incredible kind of such an mistakes is heaping - respondents are inclined to round-off or round-up the knowledge in accordance with a few rule of thumb. for 2 detailed circumstances of the Weibull version we examine the behaviour of the 'naive estimators', which easily forget about the size errors as a result of heaping, and derive closed expressions for the asymptotic bias. those effects provide a proper justification of empirical facts and simulation-based findings stated within the literature. also, occasions the place a extraordinary bias should be anticipated should be pointed out, and a precise bias correction could be played.

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V. Griffiths, and G. M. Dłuzewski, HYDRO-GEO - finite element package for geotechnics , hydrotechnics and environmental engineering, Warsaw 1997 (in Polish) 34 Felicja Okulicka - Dłuzewska [9] V. Hycke, Parallel Preconditioning with Sparse Approximate Inverses , SIAM Journal of Sci. Schrefler, The Finite Element Method in the Static and Dynamic Deformation and Consolidation of Porous Media , John Wiley Sons, 1998 [13] MPI: A Message Passing Interface Standard , June 1995 [14] F. Okulicka, High-Performance Computing in Geomechanics by a Parallel Finite Element Approach, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1947, ”Applied parallel Computing”, 5th International Workshop, PARA 2000, Bergen, Norway, June 2000, pp391-398 [15] F.

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