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He got on board a little after nine; the bustle kept Byron in spirits, but he looked affected when the packet glided off' (Hobhouse). Hobhouse waves him farewell as B sails to Ostend, en route for Geneva. His party includes Fletcher, Rushton, Dr Polidori and a Swiss guide (Berger), and his travelling-coach goes with him. 27 In Bruges. 28 In Ghent. 30 In Antwerp. May 1-6 In Brussels, where they are detained for repairs to the carriage after three breakdowns. On the 4th (Sat) B visits the battlefield at Waterloo.

10 B moves into the Villa Diodati (just above the Maison Chappuis), where Milton had stayed in 1639. 13 B and his boatman Maurice are on the lake when a dramatic storm begins (described in canto III of CH). 14-18 B and his friends try their hands at composing ghost stories. (Shelley and Claire soon abandon their attempts, as does B, though Polidori's The Vampyre, published in 1819 [see 24 Apr 1819], perhaps owes something to B's attempts on this occasion. ) 23 B and Shelley set off on a boat tour of the Lake of Geneva.

3 (Thurs) Hunt, Davies and Hobhouse dine with B, Hobhouse having arrived at 13 Piccadilly Terrace for a visit to B. 5--6 Auction sale of B's library. 14 Tells Lady Byron that they 'can never meet again in this world - nor in the next', and that he has just said goodbye to Augusta, who is leaving London to return to Six Mile Bottom. 18 Wordsworth writes to a correspondent that B's talents are 'of a mean order'. 1816 45 21 B signs a deed of separation. 22 Asks Augusta not to mention Lady Byron to him but to keep him informed concerning Ada's welfare.

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