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By Steven G. Krantz

This is a e-book approximately complicated variables that offers the reader a brief and available creation to the main issues. whereas the insurance isn't really accomplished, it definitely offers the reader a great grounding during this basic region. there are various figures and examples to demonstrate the imperative principles, and the exposition is full of life and alluring. An undergraduate eager to have a primary examine this topic or a graduate pupil getting ready for the qualifying assessments, will locate this booklet to be an invaluable source.

In addition to special rules from the Cauchy conception, the ebook additionally comprise sthe Riemann mapping theorem, harmonic features, the argument precept, common conformal mapping and dozens of different valuable topics.

Readers will locate this ebook to be an invaluable significant other to extra exhaustive texts within the box. it's a beneficial source for mathematicians and non-mathematicians alike.

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3. 3. Zeros accumulating at a boundary point. P; r / Â U . P;r / Á 0, then f Á 0 on U . In fact if f Á 0 on a segment then it must follows that f Á 0. 1) Let U Â C be a connected open set. Let f; g be holomorphic on U . z/g has an accumulation point in U , then f Á g. 2) Let U Â C be a connected open set and let f; g be holomorphic on U . If f g Á 0 on U , then either f Á 0 on U or g Á 0 on U . 4. Principle of persistence of functional relations. 3) Let U Â C be connected and open and let f be holomorphic on U .

1) under the integral sign. 1). , f W C ! C is holomorphic. For instance, any holomorphic polynomial is entire, e z is entire, and sin z; cos z are entire. z/ D 1=z is not entire because it is undefined at z D 0. ” This question has a very elegant and complete answer as follows: Liouville’s Theorem: A bounded entire function is constant. z/j Ä M for all z 2 C: Fix a P 2 C and let r > 0. P; r /. P / D 0: @z Since P was arbitrary, we conclude that @f Á 0: @z Therefore f is constant. The end of the last proof bears some commentary.

1 The Zero Set of a Holomorphic Function Let f be a holomorphic function. If f is not identically zero, then it turns out that f cannot vanish at too many points. This once again bears out the dictum that holomorphic functions are a lot like polynomials. 5). 5) open set and let f W U ! C be holomorphic. z/ D 0g. If there exist a z0 2 Z and fzj gj1D1 Â Z n fz0 g such that zj ! z0 , then f Á 0. Let us formulate the result in topological terms. 1 zj D z0 . Then the theorem is equivalent to the statement: If f W U !

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